Two varieties available. Refresh yourself with our flavor-packed infused frozen treats while enjoying our signature Bubblegum and Blueberry Kush experience.

Bubbleberry Cherry Icicle

Packed with juicy berry flavors, this Icicle variety follows ice-cold refreshment up with the relaxing sweetness of our berry-flavored, indica-dominant Bubble Berry, The Green Solution's own strain proven to provide a mild, euphoric experience.

Grape Crush Icicle

A refreshing response to stress, this Icicle blends natural Grape flavor with the potent effects of the indica-dominant Grape Crush, the custom strain by The Green Solution known for its potent analgesic and mood-enhancing cerebral effects.

Our infused Icicles are available in 10mg, 25mg and 40mg doses. Please check your nearest The Green Solution location for availability.

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