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Immerse yourself and your customers in the aromas of flavorful concentrates the moment they walk through your doors. Convert your trim to treasure with custom processing in the NectarBee® extraction facility. Our Colorado MED-compliant lab-tested extraction process is the exclusive extraction facility for The Green Solution, using their flower exclusively for source-verified NectarBee® branded products, providing a safe, clean, and reliable cannabis experience.

Third-party growers, take advantage of our industry-leading extraction process for bowl toppers, potency enhancers, oils, and other concentrates by submitting your own indica, sativa, or hybrid flower (or trim) for custom orders, where our Extraction Artists put your flower through the same process, for solvents or non-solvents.

This completely confidential third-party extraction process includes unmarked containers and excludes any NectarBee or The Green Solution branding, allowing you to preserve and strengthen your brand with aromatic, flavorful products that are lab-tested for terpenoid and cannabinoid content in addition to potency and quality,
Satisfaction Guaranteed.